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Sauka - Solar & Renewable Energy

Over the past 5 years Sauka Groundworks Ltd have dedicated a lot of time and effort into building up business relationships with project management companies within the Solar & Renewable Energy Sector. This has been very challenging but was worth every effort put in by the Managing staff and the Ground teams who have proven themselves to be very efficient, Professional and safe in very trying circumstances. Now that we have built up reparable relationships with various companies within the sector we aim to take on even more challenging projects of greater size and quantity. As you know the Renewable Energy sector is growing rapidly every year, with more and more demand for power sources that are cheaper and more efficient. Sauka Groundworks Ltd can provide for this sector & are always open for new business relationships.


Over 50% of our solar projects require us to carry out the structured excavation, supply, lay and backfill of Ducting and Junction Boxes for the entire grid layout. Skilled teams work in tandem excavating and laying the ducts where needed, to the correct sizes making sure that the trenches stay open for minimal time only which keeps a nice safe environment to work in. All ducting is corded with rope to ensure the smooth install of cables at later dates. Every trench is backfilled to specifications whether it be sand or concrete where needed and covered with warning tapes to ensure the safe digging in the future. On some sites CCTV ducting is required around the perimeter and can be needed in specific colours which is no problem at all, Sauka Groundworks Ltd will cater for your needs so please ask.

Our skills and services include but are not limited to; -

  • Junction Boxes & Covers
  • Ducting of all Sizes
  • Twinwall Ducting
  • Concrete or Granular Surround
  • Excavation of Trenches
  • CCTV Ducting
  • HV Ducting
  • Land Drains
  • Caution Tapes & Markers
  • Sealing

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