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Sauka Groundworks Ltd - over 30years of experience in the Construction and installation of every type of block paving, Paving slabs, Concrete Setts and Natural Stone Paving. Traditional Block Paving, Traditional paving Patterns, 90 Herringbone, 45 Herringbone, stretcher Bond, Basketweave, Cobbles, Setts & Tegulas, Tegula & Sett Patterns, Paving Slabs & Flags Drainage, Covers, Gullies, Aco Drainage Channel, Recessed Manhole Cover, Gullie

Sauka - Paving & Styles

At Sauka Groundworks Ltd we have over 30years of experience and specialise in the Construction and installation of every type of block paving, Paving slabs, Concrete Setts and Natural Stone Paving which will certainly enhance the look of your family home.

For us Transforming your aged driveway, patio, path into a completely stylish new one is key. We pride ourselves on making you as the customer happy for now and the years to come. You being a proud owner of an amazingly stylish property is an achievement in itself.

Traditional Block Paving:-

Traditional block paving is the most commonly sought after form of block paving, its stylish, colourful and neat appearance definitely enhance and compliment any property. Whilst being the least expensive of the wide range of block paving available its style and panache will do you proud.




Autumn Mix

Autumn Gold

Burnt Oak



This 200mm x 100mm rectangular block comes in a number of colours and thicknesses making very ideal for almost any application. These can also be laid in a number of patterns as seen below.

Traditional paving Patterns:

90 Herringbone

45 Herringbone

Stretcher Bond


Cobbles, Setts & Tegulas:-

From living in a country home to a farm house with stables or even to a modern property on an estate Tegula, Setts or Cobbles may be the way forward for your driveway, path or patio if your looking for that something different that stands out from the rest. These types of blocks come in a wide range of colours and sizes to fit your taste and needs.

Tegula Cobbles




Tegula Block

Burnt Ochre


Pennant Grey

Red / Charcoal


Conservations Setts


Harvest Buff

Silver Grey

These blocks come in 3 sizes and in a range of styles. Whether your looking for the rustic look of a tumbled Tegula block or a neat level finish with distinctive lines of a beta block then these are the perfect choice for you. A range of patterns available as below.

Tegula & Sett Patterns:-

Paving Slabs & Flags:-

A very comprehensive range of paving slabs is available as an alternative for your patio or pathways around the grounds of your home.

Saxon Buff

Monopave Natural

Pastel Charcoal

Conservation Silver Grey

Natural Stone:-

For a patio of distinction nothing stands out like natural stone. Hand crafted form quarries from around the world, with natural variations in colour and texture making every stone unique. There are a range of design packs to choose from, circle packs, walling and setts all to complement your own design.

York Stone Riven

Sandstone Buffe Indian Rivan

Limestone Fern

Drainage, Covers, Gullies:-

Aco Drainage Channel

Recessed Manhole Cover


We use a high Quality of blocks and materials supplied by Marshalls, Bretts or Cemex to ensure the highest standards are met. To see a wider range of their materials, colours and patterns please use the links above to visit their websites.