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Sauka - Solar & Renewable Energy

Over the past 5 years Sauka Groundworks Ltd have dedicated a lot of time and effort into building up business relationships with project management companies within the Solar & Renewable Energy Sector. This has been very challenging but was worth every effort put in by the Managing staff and the Ground teams who have proven themselves to be very efficient, Professional and safe in very trying circumstances. Now that we have built up reparable relationships with various companies within the sector we aim to take on even more challenging projects of greater size and quantity. As you know the Renewable Energy sector is growing rapidly every year, with more and more demand for power sources that are cheaper and more efficient. Sauka Groundworks Ltd can provide for this sector & are always open for new business relationships.

Site Surveying

Having access to surveying equipment is an asset in its own mind but also working alongside highly trained and experienced surveyors is a must have in today’s construction industry. We cover the surveying from start to finish setting out everything from roads, fence lines, compounds grids and tables, trenches, goal posts, inverter bases and much more. It really is down to your discretion how much you choose to survey but it saves time and effort in the long run especially when on tight schedules which most solar farms are. We use a range of equipment to get every angle, change of direction and pin in exactly the right position. State of the art GPS equipment is usually the way forward on solar farms giving an exact pin point measurement for every mark. Usually we aim to try and set the table lines out using metal pins marked at every 20 meters so that nothing can go wrong.

Our skills and services include but are not limited to; -

  • Site Surveying
  • GPS Equipment
  • Setting Out Pegs Supply
  • Spray Paint Supply for pegs
  • Metal Pin Supply
  • Labour

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