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Sauka - Solar & Renewable Energy

Over the past 5 years Sauka Groundworks Ltd have dedicated a lot of time and effort into building up business relationships with project management companies within the Solar & Renewable Energy Sector. This has been very challenging but was worth every effort put in by the Managing staff and the Ground teams who have proven themselves to be very efficient, Professional and safe in very trying circumstances. Now that we have built up reparable relationships with various companies within the sector we aim to take on even more challenging projects of greater size and quantity. As you know the Renewable Energy sector is growing rapidly every year, with more and more demand for power sources that are cheaper and more efficient. Sauka Groundworks Ltd can provide for this sector & are always open for new business relationships.

Inverter Bases

Throughout our experience in the solar industry we have come to see many ways of constructing solid stable bases for the Inverter Stations to sit on. As they are a very important part of the solar process we take great care to make sure we construct the bases to the exact specification laid out on the drawings. Whether they be Prefab units that have the bases intact which sit on a hard-core base with a sand screed finish or the whole base constructed on site with reinforced concrete and shuttering, Sauka Groundworks Ltd will make sure that they are constructed carefully, to specs and within the time limit stated in the programme. Our staff carrying out the works have constructed hundreds of bases and are building on that every day so you can be assured that we are the right choice for you.

Our skills and services include but are not limited to; -

  • Reinforced Concrete
  • Shuttering
  • Prefab Bases
  • Duct Inserts
  • Sand Screeding
  • Oversee Positioning
  • Aggregate Supply & Lay
  • Concrete Paths
  • Substructures
  • Foundations

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